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Between Two COO's

Between Two COO's

Between Two COO's is hosted by veteran COO, Michael Koenig, and brings incredible Chief Operating Officers together to share their insights, advice, and crazy stories. Learn from current and former COO's from companies like Tucows, Automattic, Shippo, Chopra Global, and more.

Recent Episodes

Goodworld CEO, Dale Pfeifer on scaling social impact via tech, Mastercard, Citi, & BlackRock's leadership in corporate social responsibility, pandemic's impact on accelerating CSR, pitching President Obama, & more

Aug. 2, 2022

Dale Pfeifer, CEO of Goodworld, chats on scaling social impact through tech, the evolution of CSR (corporate social responsibility) from consumer targeted to greater corporate involvement, Mastercard, Citi, and BlackRock's l…

Bolster EVP, fmr Makerbot CEO & Techstars COO&CIO, Jenny Lawton on Makerbot's $400M exit, running one of the world's most successful seed fund & accelerator, Montessori framework in business, her advice to my daughters & more

June 14, 2022

Jenny Lawton knows how to run businesses. Period. From her role as CEO of Makerbot, democratizing 3D printing (and exiting for $400M), to being COO of LittleBits (BB8's learning division), to running Techstars, one of the wo…

Handshake COO, Jonathan Stull on democratizing access to opportunity, the journey to $100M ARR & a $3.5B valuation, building a three-sided marketplace, timing, global expansion, adding independent board members, the move to hiring specialis

June 1, 2022

Handshake COO, Jonathan Stull, joins to talk about the journey of building a three-sided marketplace to $100M ARR at a $3.5B valuation with over 500 employees. We touch on the role of COO at Handshake; Jonathan's path from w…

GoGuardian COO, Cyrus Mistry, on joining at the same time as $200M in new funding, switching from Google to a startup, how SaaS ops are different than Disney ops, bringing millions of bricked Chromebooks back to life from a cruise ship

May 2, 2022

GoGuardian COO, Cyrus Mistry, spent 14 years at Google as the Director of Product Management for Chromebooks bringing computers to schools, before joining GoGaurdian as COO right when they raised $200M in new funding from Ti…

People.ai COO, Art Harding, on Supporting Ukrainian Team Members, E2T: Driving Efficiency, Effectiveness, & Transformation, Translating Chaos & Ambiguity into Structure, How Great Operating Leaders Think Like Project Managers, & More

April 11, 2022

Art Harding is the COO at People.ai, and joins to share how People.ai has supported their Ukrainian team members, how coaching is inspiring for the right to inspect performance and provide timely and meaningful feedback, the…

Uplight COO & fmr Symantec CSO, Angela Tucci on Reaching a $1.5B Valuation in 3 Years, Business as a Force for Good, B Corps, Reducing Carbon Emissions, Merging 6 Companies, and How Diversity Creates Safety

March 17, 2022

Angela Tucci, COO at Uplight, joins to talk about running a $1.5B company created from the M&A of 6 companies, advocating for voice & equity for women in the workforce, finding an inspiring CEO, working with utility companie…