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Dave Weiss

COO at Hatch

Dave is the COO co-founder, president, and Chief Operating Officer at Hatch, a company on a mission to help everyone sleep better. Hatch products like Hatch Restore combine a sound machine, sunrise alarm, smart light, meditation app, and an alarm clock all into one smart sleep assistant.

Hatch was featured on Shark Tank in 2016 and has since gone on to help over half a million people get more restorative sleep.

Prior to founding Hatch with his wife Ann, Dave spent 6 years as the Chief Technology Officer and SVP of Product Management at Baby Center. Dave is a unique blend of practiced technologist and consumer advocate. He is a strong leader, operator, and executor. Dave is passionate about building great products, leading teams, and creating a culture of creativity and innovation. He is a hands-on leader, loves solving hard problems, and brings a sense of calm and a measured approach to difficult situations.

February 08, 2022

Hatch COO, Dave Weiss, on Selling 2 Million IoT Devices, Cofounding a Company with His Wife, Shark Tank to VC Funding, Moving From CTO to COO, and Visiting Customers' Homes

Dave Weiss, co-founder, and COO of Hatch, joins us to discuss what it takes to confound a hardware company with his wife, sell 2 million IoT devices, the heightened consumer expectations of hardware, visit customers' homes, going from Shark Tank to VC fundraising, moving from CTO at BabyCenter to COO, and believing in wet paint. Prior to co-founding Hatch, Dave was the CTO of BabyCenter, where he was responsible for software engineering and product.